we care about your music business - worldwide.

You search a professional team for a Postproduction carries out ?
Do you need creative "sound" or "foley" for your movies ? You are in search of music
compositions according to your images and productions ? You would like to make
linguistic admissions independent of genre or song admissions without having to think about this when and where? Or did you always leave your records
to enjoy them in usual audioquality, no matter where you are?

Cordially welcome with us. on nation-audio. passion on music - worldwide.

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nation audio trademarked

one step ahead. now the nation-audio group is registered trademark in germany at the DPMA.

new “Despot” Trailer to watch

from our last movie-project “Despot” you can watch the trailer here
hope you’re enjoy..

on line now

August, the 1st: the new area of nation-audio website appearance has been started.
So, enjoy and feel welcome cordially.


just optimizing

We are about to reach our goal in just a couple of days. Hang on!

starts very soon


the english version takes more time to come up. we work on it as fast as possible. Thank you!